The dog ashram: Arunachala Animal Sanctuary and Rescue Shelter

Sleeping puppies at the Arunachala Animal Sanctuary and Rescue ShelterBeing here in Tiruvannamalai for a few weeks has given me the chance to do something I wanted to do for a long time:  volunteer at the Arunachala Animal Sanctuary and Rescue Shelter, or the dog ashram, as I call it. It’s a place I first discovered when I came to India in 2009 (my first visit back since 1982), and briefly, its mission is caring for street dogs and other animals that are sick or injured, wild animals included. It’s a no-kill shelter: Every animal who can’t be returned to his or her territory, or who doesn’t get adopted by a human family, is allowed to live at Arunachala Animal Sanctuary for the rest of his or her natural life.

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